Welcome to SoapQuest.com.
I started SoapQuest because I discovered real Soaps. What I mean by real soaps is soaps that are not produced by huge companies that dominate the market and every shelf space of every major super market and pharmacy in the United States. If you use these kinds of soaps then you might have not have really experienced the true sensations of good soaps and how it can make you feel.
Here on SoapQuest (the informative soap blog) we will be rating and surveying all soaps as we trek and ‘Search the Globe for the Holy Grail of Soaps’.
Our soap survey is solely based on human instinct, feel, trial and personal overall experience. We are not scientist. We do not chemically break down the soap (that is what the ingredient label is for). We will give you links to ingredients list and any other information that we may find about these soaps. We will talk about personal soap experiences alone.

With your help we will discover, share and inform everybody we can on having a Awesome Soap Experience.