Sappo Hill 100% Vegetable Oil

The Holidays are over so lets wash off the holiday grime with this all natural Oatmeal Soap by Sappo Hill 100% Vegetable Oil.  There is no doubt that this soap falls into the Christmas Holiday Essence Class. Smells like cinnamon, vanilla and even pecan pie (just saying).
The one thing that really captivated me in this soap is the Oats.  These oats are all Organic and they are rough and tough cut oats meaning they actually will scrub oppose to just melting away like most Oatmeal laced soaps (ref: Reviva Oatmeal Soap).
This soap has so much oatmeal packed into it that you might just want to eat it for breakfast. Good job Sappo Hill, best oatmeal soap yet.

This soap does not lack quality at all, and for $2.50 for a round bar, it is a great price that will make you feel happy again that you did something right for the biggest organ of the body. Your Skin.

Cost: $2.50
Qualities: Organic, Packed with Rough Oats, Great Scent, 100% Vegetable Oil
Characteristics: Good Scrubber Soap, Sappo Hills Best Selling Soap. Paraben-Free, Phthalate-Free, SLS-Free, Detergent-Free, No Sulfates, No Harsh Chemicals, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free*
Ingredients: Saponified non-GMO food grade oils of sustainable palm and coconut: fat obtained from the fruit or seed of the palm tree or kernels of coconut; which lathers readily and cleanses skin glycerin (vegetable source): humectants, mild emulsifier, and emollient used to hold moisture with or without fragrance and/or mineral color; some soaps contain Organic cornmeal & polenta or Organic Oats*
*Oatmeal soaps and Gardeners soaps contain Organic grains
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Sappo Hill Oatmeal Soap and Logo

Sappo Hill Oatmeal Soap and Logo


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