African Black Soap by Nubian Heritage Soap Company

Do bath and shower gels leave you feeling filmy and slimy.  Do generic bar soaps leave you feeling dry and uninspired.

Like me, I am sure guys have tried a million different soaps and gels over the years and maybe you found something you really like and don’t want to change, I get it , I know, I have tried every bar of soap and every gel on the market trying to find the one that fits my body composition and leaves me feeling so amazingly ” squeaky clean” that I have to have it.
Well people I am glad to say I have found such a bar. Its called African Black Soap made by Nubian Heritage Soap Co. It’s made from plants and barks such as plantain, cocoa pods, palm tree leaves, and shea tree bark.

The smell is so manly it’s sick (good like a sweet banana).  My girl won’t even let me use it unless we go out together !!  It feels like a small micro-dermabrasion factory landed on my skin and because of the way it’s made I use it as a body scrub too.

Do me and your girl a favor… go out and get you some !!!











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