One With Nature #Dead Sea Soap with Shea Butter

One With Nature #Dead Sea Soap with Shea Butter

If you don’t have time to make it to the mud bathes in some exotic volcanic location but you really want a mud bath, then try the Dead Sea Mud Soap.  This soap not only has great ingredients like Argan oil and Shea Butter but it actually is made from the mud and salts of the dead sea that is fed by the River Jordan.  When I first tried this soap I must say that I felt a bit over whelmed.  It felt like I was using some kind of holy soap (you know, coming from jordan and all) then i used it and what a pleasant surprise it was.  The soap was muddy but i mean muddy in a good way.  It lathers really nice and thick and it leaves , guess what, “mud” as well as salts which will scrub all the nasty dedd skin cells off your body and leave you feeling, may I say, “young again” Totally cool soap.  Get your mud bath on and try this one.


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Company: One With Nature

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